Lovey’s Grocers IGA Dungog


Premium Beef Mince kg
$17.00 per kg
Chicken Breast Fillets kg
$13.99 per kg
Regular Beef Mince kg
$15.00 per kg
Chicken Thigh Fillets Rw
$12.99 per kg
IGA Beef Mince Regular 3 Star 500gm
$8.00 each $16.00 per kg
Ingham Chicken Whole Rw
$5.99 per kg
Chicken Drumsticks kg
$5.00 per kg
Sausages Thin
$18.00 per kg
Chicken Schnitzel Crumbed Rw
$14.99 per kg
Lamb Leg Roast kg
$16.00 per kg
Pork Medallions kg
$24.00 per kg
Lamb Forequarter Chops kg
$17.00 per kg
Sausages Thin Bulk
$16.00 per kg
V.​I.​P. Petfoods Chunkers Lamb And Selected Vegetables Chilled Dog Food 1kg
was $5.00 $4.25 each $0.50 per 100g
Lamb Loin Chops kg
$27.00 per kg
IGA Corned Silverside Rw
$12.00 per kg
Beef T-Bone Steak
$26.00 per kg
Chicken Mince 500gm
$8.00 each $16.00 per kg
Chicken Stirfry
$15.00 per kg
Yearling Diced Beef kg
$24.00 per kg
Irish Pork Sausages kg
$13.99 per kg
Ingham's Australian Turkey Mince 500g
$5.99 each $5.99 per kg
Ingham's Chicken Kebabs Honey Soy
was $7.99 $6.50 each $17.76 per kg
Lamb Shanks kg
$17.00 per kg
Pork Forequarter Chops Rw
$10.99 per kg
Fussy Cat Grain Free Prime Steak Mince Chilled Cat Food 5.​0x90g
$7.00 each $1.56 per 100g
Half Leg Ham kg
$11.00 per kg
Lamb Cutlets kg
$40.00 per kg
Yearling Boneless Blade Steak kg
$18.00 per kg
Beef Stirfry Strips kg
$24.00 per kg
Canon Chicken Burger 1kg
$15.99 each $15.99 per kg
Economy Scotch Fillet Steak kg
$33.00 per kg
Ingham's Fresh Chicken Necks
$3.99 each $3.99 per kg
Yearling Eye Fillet Steak kg
$44.00 per kg
Chicken Wings kg
$6.00 per kg
Lamb Cutlets Crumbed kg
$38.00 per kg
Offcuts kg
$5.00 per kg
Pork Butterfly Steaks kg
$24.00 per kg
M/​Hall Sausages BBQ Thin 1.​8kg
$13.50 each $7.50 per kg
Pork Roast Leg Boneless Rw
$13.00 per kg
Sausages Thick
$18.00 per kg
Beef Mince Regular
$18.00 per kg
Boneless Pork Loin Rolled kg
$14.00 per kg
IGA Marinated Beef Roast kg
$18.00 per kg
Kr Castlemaine Krc Honey Boneless Ham 750g
$14.60 each $19.47 per kg
Sausages Thick Bulk
$16.00 per kg
V.​I.​P. Petfoods Paws Fresh Minced Chilled Dog And Cat Food 1kg
$7.00 each $0.70 per 100g
Yearling BBQ Steak Bone In Blade kg
$17.00 per kg
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