XXXX Gold Bottle Carton 24 x 375mL

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Mid strength meets full flavour. Golden Cluster hops brewed with the finest ingredients to give the lager its signature taste - a smooth, balanced flavour and body, complemented by mild bitterness.

As soon as it hits your lips, you'll know exactly why it's a favourite with Aussies everywhere - and what we mean when we say it's Good as GOLD.

Tasting Notes

This Australian lager has a balanced, smooth flavour and body, complemented by mild bitterness and a trace of sweetness. We give GOLD its signature taste by using golden cluster hops that are brewed with the finest ingredients, such as Australian malted barley and our trademark yeast. Oh, and we hold onto that fresh natural flavour by never adding preservatives to the mix. Ever.

Product Details

Liquor Style Lager
Alcohol By Volume 3.5
Standard Drinks 1
Closure Twist Top